I had Guinness in my baby bottle, so this hangover thing is a shock this morning. I think it might be an extra hour of sleep hangover....but nevertheless, I'm remembering a jumble of crazy from yesternight.
  1. LUIGI made me a latte.
  2. A pink tooth fairy and a poop emoji were chasing each other through my car park.
    They were best friends.
  3. My nephew in Indiana (4 mos old) has started to make "nah" sounds. My brother put the phone in his vibrating baby hammock while I was talking to them.
    It sounded like Leo was negating everything I said. "Hey, Leo! We get to sleep an extra hour tonight!" ".....Naaaaah."
  4. I thought my show had a 7 o clock curtain, but it was actually 8.
    I had an extra hour to do too much to my hair.
  5. In that extra hour, I also took a walk.
    A rando drunken pirate yelled "HEY! Where's your Dick?" Actually, maybe he wasn't drunk. Maybe he was just concerned. I yelled back, " Dude, I don't know!" like I was just as baffled as he was.
  6. At more than one point during the show, I noticed women with cat masks. I think there were about 30 cat mask women in the audience.
    Like they watched the whole show through mask slits...I applaud the dedication.
  7. At one point during the show my hand went into my costar's eye long enough to note how squishy her eyeball was.
  8. I saw a young girl with a t-shirt that said MISTRESS.
  9. While walking to my car, I passed a posh Halloween party at a wine bar where there were several Devils and Marilyn Monroes. I kept walking.
  10. I passed this house turned thrift shop that was having an old school-dance-on-the-front-lawn kind of party. I was invited to join.
  11. I danced on the sidewalk with an Alligator with a boa, gave a fist bump to a pregnant gal with a disco ball baby bump, and kept on walkin.
    I thanked them for the invite but told them I had to get home to my hubby. A collective drunken "aaaaawwww."
  12. I thought about how much I love San Diego.
  13. I hoped the Fairy and the Poop Emoji brought in a good haul and that my bratty neighbor (who went as a bloody mouthed zombie with the word "murderer" sharpied on his white t) got a bunch of peanut butter chews and Mike and Ikes.
  14. I dove into a bottle of Malbec that was on the edge of being off and watched AMERICAN HORROR STORY.
  15. I wondered what Ryan Murphy was doing.
  16. HUBS and I had a two hour conversation about branding and friends that take advantage of us.
  17. I felt sad about not carving a pumpkin this year.
  18. I started rereading Death Comes to Pemberly.
  19. As I was falling asleep, I thought "I should watch the time change on my phone.
  20. I woke up feeling like I was underwater with some really loud thoughts.