Currently shooting a web series for a very talented family of Gregorys all around Asia. Today is our last day in Vietnam.
  1. The food is intensely amazing.
    I think my favorite dish is Banh Xao. If you see it on a menu or better yet being cooked over hot coalson a tiny griddle in a park- snatch one up.
  2. Women don't work in production here.
    Several women have told me that women would never be seen shooting here because in Vietnam, women are considered "dainty or weak." Very happy to report our fixers Jade and Suong are 2 incredibly strong women, who we all greatly appreciate.
  3. L'Usine on Dong Khoi
    Deliciously comforting. A good example of French influence in Vietnam.
  4. There are so many fresh juices!!
    Coconut, watermelon, Vietnamese Orange and Pineapple are my fave!
  5. Coffee is for real here.
    Everyone loves the iced coffee, but the meticulous pour over should not be counted out- you just have to be REALLY patient. 20 minutes for 4 oz.
  6. Pho is beef or seafood.
    I've met so many cool people here. One of whom was Rapper/singer Kimmese. She is from Hanoi, and she thought my vegetarian pho was hilarious. "The whole point is the beef. It's so weird you eat pho like that. I've never seen this." Point taken. No more veggie pho. Also Kimmese is amazing.
  7. Scooters are everywhere. This is the choice transportation in HCMC. THOUSANDS.
  8. It feels very safe.
    I was warned about crime, but I feel really safe here. Mostly I believe, because we are staying in District 1. Even most of the street vendors are very respectful once you decline what they're selling. Unlike cities like Rome, where they may chase you for a few blocks.
  9. Everything is open late, Very easy to find grub at 2 or 3 in the morning.
  10. Privacy is paramount.
  11. The heat is oppressive and the rain makes it worse.
  12. So far, Vietnam has the best coconuts in Asia.
  13. Food is very sauce specific.
    Certain dishes correspond to certain rubs or sauces-and if you're not sure what to dip in which, you should ask, because you will come across as a criminal against nature if you fuck it up.
  14. A 90 min massage is $18
    We hit up this joint▶️ http://bit.ly/1JWSfmm It was a really memorable experience. They even give you amazing sarongs or robes to wear while in the spa. Fixers told us they get massages weekly. "It's part of staying healthy!" To rub it in- and yes I'm shamelessly luxuriating in that pun, it's a really, really good massage.