Some of these exist even today! In no particular order...
  1. Model trains!
  2. Model planes!
  3. Model automobiles!
  4. Fashion models!
    Screwing them, looking at them, and pretending to be them while passing reflective surfaces.
  5. Laboring over a simmering risotto
  6. "Business" calls
  7. "Business" meetings
  8. Business "calls"
  9. And "meetings"
  10. Putting the dog first
    What? No I caaa- I'm trimming Joycie's toenails!
  11. Working on the ol' memoirs
  12. Seeing shapes in the stucco on the ceiling
  13. Being present while eating.
    Bite, chew, swallow. Repeat. Don't look up.
  14. Reading Vanity Fair
  15. Writing letters to those one is not currently ignoring
    On a typewriter! With a quill! With a smoke signal!
  16. Listenin' for a splinter in the wagon wheel
    "Shh! I think I hear somethin..."
  17. Churning butter
  18. Grooming oxen
  19. Playing Oregon Trail
  20. Clipping one's fingernails
  21. Polishing shoes until one's reflection can be seen...
    >Brushbrishbrush<hold up to the light-- squint--nothing exists but these shoes and the pursuit of cleanliness. >Brushbrishbrush<
  22. Staring
    At anything except a person who wants your attention--Very low maintenance avoidance.
  23. TV.
  24. Radio.
  25. Victrola.
  26. Music box.
  27. Knitting
  28. Assembling an ikea item
  29. Waiting for the dialup
  30. Responding to every single other person in the chat room
  31. Not returning a poke
  32. Turning on the blender
  33. Beating two pieces of flint together
    Even though there's already a fire going