I have a lot, and I used to be one. Here are the basics.
  1. Go to a vegetarian restaurant!
    I promise you'll like something! If you take the pressure off of them and be the one who suggests it, they will really appreciate it. When I was a vegetarian, I felt high maintenance looking over menus on my phone and saying, "Oh...could we go somewhere else? I can't really eat here." It's so much less stressful for them, and you can have wings tomorrow!
  2. If #1 isn't possible, maybe don't eat meat in front of them.
    Some veggies don't care and some really do. Just avoid an uncomfortable sitch and eat a veggie curry or a fried rice! Nom nom nom.
  3. Meet at a park and each bring your own gnosh!
  4. Go out for dessert!
    If they're vegan, make sure the patisserie you choose has options (plural) they can enjoy!
  5. If you have a dinner party, make something everyone can enjoy and don't make it a thing. Set out nice title cards if doing a serve yourself or make the same thing for everyone that happens to be veggie friendly... Or make one dish that can easily be carnified.
    For example: stuffed peppers. Quinoa, beans, tomatoes, garlic, onion, cheese etc. in a different colored pan, bake the same dish, but add ground grass-fed beef to the bottom before adding the veg and grain mix. Make a sauce; make a salad; kumbaya! you just made everyone's day, and no one feels weird.
  6. Don't talk about being vegetarian or not being vegetarian.
    Don't talk about diets while eating ever. BLAGH... Unless your friends are soliciting support or really excited about something new they're trying! Even then...enjoy your meal, and talk about sex and movies.
  7. Make it a potluck/group picnic situation
    If it's a large group of folks, tell them all to bring a dish and also supply two or three dishes that are suitable for everyone. This is my go-to solution because I not only have a number of vegetarian/vegan friends but I also have celiac, paleo & other food sensitive/allergic folks. I tell folks to bring enough food for themselves and enough to share and that usually solves most issue.
    Suggested by @eatthelove
  8. Go for Burmese food
    I'm a diehard carnivore but don't even miss meat at Burmese restaurants.
    Suggested by @Jen