This is hard because I love my job(s)! Thanks so much for the request @marissarae! I don't know that I could ever go anything 9-5 for years on end, but I won't give myself parameters on this one.
  1. Author of Children's books.
  2. Human Rights Attorney
  3. Recording Artist
    I do wish there were enough hours in the day to pursue music- maybe someday.
  4. Studio Head
    Why not? These seems a natural evolution to me.
  5. Artistic Director of Circle in the Square or The Public
    The work produced at both has inspired me so much, I would love to be the caretaker for one of these great houses for a little while.
  6. Pastry Chef
    My croissants would make 'em wild, I tell ya. They'd come from miles for my cream puffs!
  7. Speech Writer
    I could do this - I could inspire the shit out of people.
  8. POTUS
    Cause why not? And yeah!
  9. Chancellor of the Arts
    We need one! Canadians have one- why not us???
  10. Purveyor of Fried Chicken
    Meatless and traditional, cause FRIED CHICKEN FOR ALL! I would have a hut on the beach in Hawaii and I'd serve okra, plantain chips, and salads galore. The place would be called Mouthsex and no one would mind.
  11. Empowerment Coach for Entrepreneurs Who Are Women
    Upon entrance, every entrepreneur would be greeted with a preferred comforting beverage (prescreened) and all staff would flood the room with affirmations. It would not be a cult.
  12. Midwife
  13. Paralinguistic Analyst for the CIA or FBI or anyone really
  14. Photojournalist
    Slice of Life photography is my favorite, and it's what I seek out in cinematography.
  15. ASC President
    Do not doubt a woman will hold this job one day and shit will change, my friend.