1. I woke up in the middle of the night with an encroaching migraine.
  2. I went to the bathroom and lay with my head and back pulsing.
  3. My alarm went off.
    Usually love mornings, but this one was brutal
  4. Took 4 Advil. Got dressed for work.
  5. Tried to eat PB and banana toast made by hubby.
  6. Rode to set with hubby.
  7. Still feeling like shit, I order an almond milk latte.
    I start to feel a lil betta.
  8. I look at my husband's face...he's on his phone, frozen.
    My migraine had kept us from our typical AM world events catch up.
  9. I see only the words "in all 50."
  10. I say, "Is that?"
  11. Hubby turns and says, "Rin..."
    In a single stunned smile, I am in the moment I knew would come but thought was a long way off. Tears roll down my face, and I think of the old woman who spat on me outside of Target when I was canvassing against Prop8. I think of my sisters-in-law, my cousin, four of my best friends...I think of how I'll never have to raise my kids in a world where marriage laws differ in regions of our country. I can't stop crying and smiling and watching Derek and Ian throw confetti on themselves to Queen
  12. My migraine is still there.
    But it bothers me a whole lot less. Thank you joyous, orgasmic adrenaline.
  13. I realize it's my best friend's birthday.
    Which also means it's my favorite professor from undergrad's birthday.
  14. I feel peace and relief and hope and gratitude.
  15. I search #LoveWins.
  16. Everything I feel expands and I am enveloped in a glow of what I know to be the greatest advance in civil rights in my lifetime.
  17. I smile and hug everyone.
  18. I continue to be a teary, gleeful mess.
  19. I get to work.
    It's a brand new world, y'all.