1. "Okay, guys. Once he realizes he's in the box..."
  2. "We should all just stand and look at him!!!"
  3. "Should we all be on one side, or...?"
  4. "I really think we should each be on one side. I mean there are four of us, and there are four sides to the box."
  5. "Oh, but there's no one for the lid. What if he looks up?"
  6. "I think it's less likely that he would look up than look east."
  7. "That's North."
  8. "London has me all confused."
  9. "Aren't you from here?"
  10. "I'm from Sussex, twit."
  11. "You know what I just realized? ....This is exactly what he did to you, Ethan."
  12. Dead silence.
  13. "Ilsa could be on the lid!"
  14. "No. She has to come out of the shadows over my shoulder."
  15. "Why?....Are you guys a thing?"
  16. "What? No. We're friends."
  17. "Is that how she feels?"
  18. "Guys, this is time sensitive, I really think we should commit to look satisfied, smug, and intense, and each take a side."
  19. "Sounds good to me."
  20. "Could we do just one silly face?"
  21. "No. God, Benji. And make sure you get windex, because if there are any smudges, it will ruin the surprise."
  22. "And the Payoff."
  23. "Adding it to the list."
  24. "Ok. Now tell me if this limp is believable."