I love Masterchef Jr. We have good relationships with people at Shine, and this is not a list bashing the show at all. I've been out of town for a month, so I'm getting over jet lag and catching up on some tv, and the first show I go to is Masterchef JR because my brain is still waking up, and there is no food in my house, and I'm a sadist.
  1. So the kids have just smashed eggs on Graham Elliot's head.
  2. The color of the yolks determines which kids will compete in a deviled egg challenge.
  3. Then, it is revealed that Graham and Gordon will compete against the two egg deviling duos.
  4. Graham and Gordon put on aprons.
  5. One of the competitors yells out tauntingly, "You look like a little girl."
  6. As an insult.
  7. And she was a little girl.
  8. 😢
  9. I know it may not seem like a HUGE moment.
  10. But I just spent some time with people telling me how overdramatic modern feminism is...how unnecessary.
  11. Which was heartbreaking in itself.
  12. And I'm sure they think it would be overdramatic to make something of this tiny moment.
  13. BUT
  14. A little girl's go-to shade
  15. Is
  16. "You look like a little girl!"
  17. 😡
  18. Guys, we have to fix this.
  19. A while ago, one of my nephews told his brother he threw like a girl.
  20. The other one said, "THANKS! Girls throw great!"
  21. Unprompted.
  22. His parents taught him well, but clearly my other nephew picked that up from somewhere.
  23. Even on kids' shows, "like a girl" is still considered standard throwdown kerosene.
  24. I've mentored kids of various ages over the past five years-acting workshops, writing programs...
  25. This really isn't getting better.
  26. "Like a girl" is the seed that becomes the root of the LESS THAN tree.
  27. Let's put our best efforts into keeping others and ourselves from planting these seeds.
  28. And this doesn't mean we need more "girls throw great" statements.
  29. Just remove sex association from ability.
  30. From color palette.
  31. From occupation.
  32. Period.
  33. Remove comparison.
  34. And when you see a LESS THAN tree that someone else planted sprouting...
  35. CUT THAT SHIT DOWN- with awareness and instilled kindness.