Screenshots I Have On My Phone, Explained

  1. Castle Crashers
    I had to prove to my nephew that I had in fact gotten the fire sword at the end of the game after beating the boss of all bosses.
  2. I freaked out that the letters in this ad were husby's and my initials. 😱
  3. My youngest nephew recognized me on skype (maybe) and crawled toward the phone.
    I was so excited.
  4. This FB memory from my bestie.
    This came on a day that 2 friends in completely different situations pointed the same thing out to me. (The resemblance- not the push for Source Code) Maybe because of The Path? Also watch The Path. It's amazing.
  5. Work out for when I'm on the road
    A friend who is waaaay gymmier than I am put it on her Instagram, and I thought, "Yeah, me! I can do that!" I could not do that. I got to 7.
  6. The happiest I've ever been with an Internet quiz.