So. A friend of mine wrote a satire about the horrifying Come Home Again programs. I played a frustrated robot having difficulty converting a man whose husband would eventually kill me in an epic battle. It was funny & irreverent and a punch in the face to homophobic fuckerfaces, so I agreed to do it. My costume was a gold bikini under a black nighty with thigh high leather boots & hair up to Buzz Aldrin's last lunar picnic spot. "One of my lines: You want to touch THESE, not them- SAY IT!"
  2. Corydon from Edna St. Vincent Millay's Aria da Capo
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    This one was amazing. Designed by Scott Anderson, this was a shepherdess getup made of muslin and newspaper, and it was MASTERFULLY executed. Between performances, he'd somehow repair the tears in it. I choked my now husband to death for the first and hopefully last time in this dress...and for that it shall always be cherished. In this pic, the dress was still under construction, but you get the idea.
  3. Marilyn in Robert O'Hara's American Ma(u)l
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    Also known as the costume that kept me in salads at pizza places for four long months. TUBE TOP ONESIE. BELL BOTTOM LEGS. NEON BLUE. Anytime anyone tried to appeal to my culinary weaknesses, I would scream, "ONESIE!"
  4. Helena in A Midsummer Nights Dream
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    It was often discussed in front of me that I needed to be seen as more unattractive. I've played this role a few times now, and it always interesting which way the director wants to take her. This particular time was memorable because they decided to give her prominent glasses. Even though I had to do numerous stunts, I was told by the director (also a woman) that "as a feminist" she could in no way at any time allow the glasses to come off my face. COUGH FAUXMINIST COUGH
  5. First Girl to Break the gender barrier at my brothers' single sex high school.
    8th Grade Halloween; we always made our costumes; we didn't have money. I didn't understand how it could be legal that I couldn't go to any school that exists.
  6. VET (homemade) grade K
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    Yes I'm the fab one in the back, hoisting up the dog I saved.
  7. Dale and Dale
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    Neither of us can really truthfully be Chip.
  8. A Woman Who Stops Shows on Bar Stools
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    The designer said to me- "You'll be the ho-ey one in the short skirt.." Cool. Considering I had already played a sex robot, I figured it would probably be fine,