I hope these are the compliments for which he was hoping.
  1. This happy face!
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  2. In 2013, after 5 years of dating, we walked into the County Clerks office, and he took my name.
    I never asked him to do this. I thought we both were keeping our own names. He added Ehlers to his name and said, "You don't have to; I just want to. I love your family and you and I want people to know that." Swoon all y'all want. He's taken.
  3. He is incredibly talented.
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    But the magic is in the tedious cultivation of his skills. He spends most of his free time learning about gear and new tech to support it. I know very few DPs who are as passionate about the nuts and bolts and how to work them. Graham once took an AC job because he had never worked on that particular equipment---then he shot with it during breaks, and everyone stood back amazed.
  4. When I say things like, "I don't know if I want to have kids anymore," he says things like, "Well, what changed your mind?" And then we have a conversation.
  5. When I have a migraine he grabs tiger balm, a puke bucket, and makes himself sore trying to knead out the knots up and down my spine.
    I get at least 3 migraines a month.
  6. He is so very silly.
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    And sexy!
  7. If I do yoga, he does yoga.
    It's not that we can't have separate interests, we are just so like minded, we typically enjoy the same activities. Plus, we respect each other enough to assume that anything the other is into must be awesome.
  8. He laughs at all my funny.
    His laugh makes me laugh, even when I'm furiously picking up his stupid smelly socks.
  9. I can say the most awful things, and he is in my side.
    This is important: he knows my ugly and is typically in agreement with its origin.
  10. He is dumbfounded by the behavior of chauvinists.
  11. He's so snugly!
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  12. He can't build anything.
    He lets me do all that or we hire someone; I never wanted a Fred Mertz; it's really great.
  13. I've always been able to be 100% me with him. I mean 100%.
  14. He hates mayo.
    I do too. It's yucky, and it never has to be in our house because we both hate it.
  15. He knows what's going on everywhere: now and then.
    Politics are Graham's porn. He gets off on geopolitics history of political conquests. If there's a battle he doesn't know about, he will read about it, find an expert to interview on it, and then he will imagine how he would shoot it. Seriously...and it's hot.
  16. He calls dachshunds "Hershey puppies."
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    He had a dachshund when he was a kid named Hershey.
  17. He LOVES food.
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  18. He loves my nephews.
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  19. He asks for what he wants.
    Like this list.