This list will continue to grow until the end of my sentence...I mean my time here. (Actually the people watching is pretty great.
  1. Just a networking moment.
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    IN. A. ONESIE.
  2. Stay calm, and zombie on.
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  3. How about a girl who regrets attempting this sneaky selfie?
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    Widda Zombie.
  4. This Zombie wants to arrest you.
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    Oh trust me, I'm arrested.
  5. A lovely blood fountain.
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    I think this was promoting the upcoming release of Inside Out the I remembering that right?
  6. When you're Spike Lee, you just can.
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  7. That's right, bitches. GHETTO. VADER.
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    He played vaguely pornographic slow jamzzz while walking creepily and promoting something I don't understand, but I've come to think of him as family now.
  8. Cautionary tales of the over-botoxed.
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  9. What is something smoked by E3 participants?
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  10. God's headphones.
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  11. The city of OZ ca. 2535....protected by space cops.
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  12. Impressive dedication to company color scheme
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  13. Did you think we were done with zombies?
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    Well, we weren't.
  14. Invertebrate eating a vertebrate...
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    Vertebrate too engrossed in phone to notice.
  15. This friendly but painful looking sex toy.
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  16. Chivalry ain't what it used to be.
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