This list will continue to grow until the end of my sentence...I mean my time here. (Actually the people watching is pretty great.
  1. Just a networking moment.
    IN. A. ONESIE.
  2. Stay calm, and zombie on.
  3. How about a girl who regrets attempting this sneaky selfie?
    Widda Zombie.
  4. This Zombie wants to arrest you.
    Oh trust me, I'm arrested.
  5. A lovely blood fountain.
    I think this was promoting the upcoming release of Inside Out the I remembering that right?
  6. When you're Spike Lee, you just can.
  7. That's right, bitches. GHETTO. VADER.
    He played vaguely pornographic slow jamzzz while walking creepily and promoting something I don't understand, but I've come to think of him as family now.
  8. Cautionary tales of the over-botoxed.
  9. What is something smoked by E3 participants?
  10. God's headphones.
  11. The city of OZ ca. 2535....protected by space cops.
  12. Impressive dedication to company color scheme
  13. Did you think we were done with zombies?
    Well, we weren't.
  14. Invertebrate eating a vertebrate...
    Vertebrate too engrossed in phone to notice.
  15. This friendly but painful looking sex toy.
  16. Chivalry ain't what it used to be.