Oh right... Things for which I am not ready:
  1. A baby.
    So stop asking WHEN, parents, friends with babies, medical professionals, shopkeeps, friends without babies, transfers on public transportation, media professionals, siblings, cousins, past professors, former lovers, and EVERYONE.
  2. To decide whether or not to have a baby
    Leave my lady bits and my future alone! Please and thank you.
  3. To permanently leave San Diego
    When I have to work in LA, I have a place to crash. I've grown to love different areas in LA, mostly because of history, work, or people I love. I don't know if I'll ever stop being a dual resident honestly
  4. To buy a house
    I buy cameras and lenses and all sorts of yummy expensives, but I am not there yet.
  5. SUMMER.
    Wait! What?!?!?!
  6. To lose my parents
  7. To admit defeat.
  8. To believe I'm just another someone floating through random happenings and interactions
  9. PALEO.
    I will never be ready.
  10. Crossfit.
    Not ever.
  11. Parks and Rec to be over.
    I KNOW IT ALREADY HAPPENED. I am still not ready.
  12. To be known as my husband's wife.
    Never will be ready but it already happens. I'm so proud of him and am happy to introduce myself as such, but I'll be damned if that's my defining description
  13. The extinction of books.
    I refuse.
  14. To be microchipped.
    STOP IT!
  15. To try maple bacon potato chips a.
    I don't like when syrup oozes into my hashbrowns, so....
  16. To think about what I want out of the next presidential race.
    I'd really like both candidates to be women...that's what I know.
  17. To wait 9 months for more GoT
  18. To carry a designer or any kind of purse.
    It's so...ADULT & strange to me. I love when my friends carry or wear things that make them feel good about themselves, but designer bags make me feel like I don't know what to do with my arms. How do you hug someone? How do you go to your friend's house? How do you eat spaghetti? How do you wear all the shoes that don't match? Am I supposed to care about the shoes? Would I have to transport all my purse things into a new purse with every switch? I just have this wallet and phone. It's too much!
  19. To say "totes" and "Bae."
    Autocorrect capitalized "Bae," and I am sickened.
  20. To pick a favorite anything.
    I can pick a favorite anyone...but it's really hard for me to give items, foods, movies, menu items, experiences precedent over other category-mates.
  21. To workout today
  22. To do the dishes
  23. For this list to be over
    Aw man!