According to our fixers and some observations
  1. Traffic is the worst you've ever seen.
    At all times. There are no lanes. There are few rules.
  2. If you get arrested, just have cash on hand.
    At least 500,000 pesos.
  3. Pegasus is where the most expensive drink in Manila can be bought @ $500 U.S.
    Also the he best place for a prostitute. There is a luxury basement where "all the girls look like movie stars-the prettiest in town."
  4. Spaghetti should be sweet.
  5. Never let anyone hold your stuff.
    Or look down when someone tells you you dropped something.
  6. So. Many. Malls.
    #1 industry. # 1 past time.
  7. There is only one park in all of Manila. Filipinos don't go there.
    Are you crazy?!? It's too hot, and the pollution will kill you.
  8. Last year, Toyota sold 40,000 cars in a month under a promotion where the down payment was only $500. That was just in Manila.
  9. Quezon City is where my fixers think G and I should live when "we move here."
    They get really tickled about us moving here. They've decorated our imaginary house and planned out our imaginary days. They find it HILARIOUS.
  10. The Ondoy Typhoon killed 1000 people in 2009. Every typhoon season thousands of lowland and street dwellers die from drowning.
  11. Mix your halo halo!
  12. Filipina women are strong and inspiring.
    Our fixers were predominantly women and I learned so much from them. In the Philippines, women are all over the production scene, which makes me so happy. They did tell me that this makes them "unappealing for marriage," but none of them cared. 5/6 of our fixers were unmarried women over 40; they're all supporting their families, both immediate and extended. They love their work and take care of each other. I'm so grateful to have worked with this group of talented and hardworking women.
  13. Ants are yummy in the right sauce.