I've been sick lately, so...Binge Watching cranked to MAX HIGH. Also save two of these- proof of the positive effect streaming has had on the cinematography of series. 😍
  1. The Book of Negroes on HuluPlus
    It's beautifully shot and for me the edit is flawless. You will forgive the prop babies because the impact it will have on your heart and mind will be lasting. Brilliant performances from the cast all around. Can't recommend highly enough.
  2. Casual on HuluPlus
    Biting, funny, plus choice family drama
  3. Animaniacs on Netflix
    The whole series, you guys: THE WHOLE SERIES.
  4. House of Cards on Netflix
    Robin Wright: le duh.
  5. Man Up on Netflix
    Simon Peg and Lake Bell : feel good fun
  6. The White Queen on Amazon Prime
  7. Documentary Now on Netflix
    I fell on the floor laughing.
  8. Transparent on Prime
    This series is EVERYTHING to me
  9. 11.22.63 on HuluPlus
    It's good y'all.