1. This is Barry.
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  2. We were smoking cigars outside our hotel (it was 12:55) and Barry walked up.
  3. He had borrowed a menthol from the bar tender and needed a light.
  4. He's a producer that works for Comcast and is in the city because he's shooting videos for NBC.
  5. He taught us all a few things.
  6. 1. Get the fuck to California
    His words so I feel fine cursing. Moved there when he was 40, said he should have gotten there as soon as moved to the states. (Originally from Australia). His rent is 4K a month and he says Alameda is the spot.
  7. 2. Create, Colab, Connect
    Three things you gotta be doing in college. Very good advice. The alliteration makes me think he had this one prepared.
  8. 3. TV Budgeting
    Said it was the most important class he ever took.
  9. 4. Meerkats are where the Money's at
    His big project was Meerkat Manor. Said Meerkats are where the money's at. Took it as meaning sometime you need to commit to practical projects to get the money/connections to do more artistic type things.
  10. 5. Malaysia is nice (to visit)
    Cheap weed. But it gets boring fast.
  11. 6. Singapore is not nice
    "They'll cut your hands off for spitting on the street."
  12. 7. Get yourself a full ride girl.
    His is at Stanford right now.
  13. 8. He said us smoking pipes was 'quite refined'. Made me feel cool as all hell.
  14. 9. 'A good career only gets you so far.'
    Sorta sad but also true for people who aren't always satisfied and pursue more ambitious artistic endeavors.
  15. 10. He likes Dallas. But not close enough to the beach.
  16. Thanks for the memories and life lessons Barry.
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