What a year! So many great flicks, here are some that almost made it and totally deserve your time: Steve Jobs, The Martian, Kingsmen: The Secret Service, Victoria, End of the Tour. Haven't Seen: Anomalisa, The Revenant, Daddy's Home.
  1. 15.
    Heaven Knows What
    Absolutely devastating. Totally, totally devastating. Devastating and brutal and also devastating. Don't do heroin kids.
  2. 14.
    Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter
    One of those movies I respect more than I enjoy. But boy do I respect it. Lot of stuff going on about the importance of fiction and making your own narrative and stuff. It's crazy good, if a little dense. Almost put Victoria here but don't really know which one is technically 'better'. But hey, BUNZO!
  3. 13.
    Was so moved by the true heroes of this story. Really powerful to see people do their jobs so well. Riveting film making deserving of all the awards I'm sure it'll get.
  4. 12.
    This is such a bizarre and magical movie. I'm so glad it's real. Unlike anything else on this list in a very imperfect but admirable way. I could watch Leland Orser and Mary Elizabeth Winstead size each other up for so many hours. Probably 6. 6 hours.
  5. 11.
    Bone Tomahawk
    Not the only western on this list, but it sure is the scariest. Most disturbing death I've ever seen. Plus amazing work from Kurt Russel, Patrick Wilson, Richard Jenkins, and (most surprisingly) Mathew Fox. A stunning debut.
  6. 10.
    Ex Machina
    Oscar Isaac dancing. That is all.
  7. 9.
    Mistress America
    Noah Bambuach's second best film of the year. Gerwig kills it, easily one of the best, most involving and watchable screen presences of 2015. Funny and truthful, fast paced and intimate. #teamautodidact
  8. 8.
    Such a mess, but so vital. Disturbingly current in a way only Spike Lee can do. It's hilarious and heartbreaking. Strange and Off Putting. But holy hell, it's something worth seeing. SATIRE!
  9. 7.
    Slow West
    Very low key. Very simple. Very good. Loved Fassbender, guy had a crazy year. But this is a western that stuck with me. Both whimsical and brutal, like a beautiful, darkly funny nightmare. One of the all time great shoot outs. Plus Salt in the Wound wins best visual gag of the year.
  10. 6.
    Mississippi Grind
    Also super low key. A road movie that takes it's time getting where it's going, which is to the center of the 2 deeply flawed and broken men at the center of this story. Reynolds and Mendelson are both so good. I laughed, I cried, I thought about it long after I left the theater.
  11. 5.
    Maybe the realest feeling movie on this list. The dark side of the US's effort to control drug dealings on the border. Blunt, Brolin, BENICIO! This thing is so tense the whole way through. I sweat my body weight during just the open scene and you will too.
  12. 4.
    Inside Out
    Pixar kills it again. With their 2nd best flick to date. Very funny, very ingenious, plus totally entertaining and obviously struck a chord with audiences everywhere. Movie that makes me cry the most, so there's that. Perhaps the most important movie of the year because it says the most about what it means to be a human being.
  13. 3.
    Mad Max: Fury Road
    Enough has been said. It's a masterpiece of flaming fury. Utterly unbelievable. All hail George Miller, the one and only.
  14. 2.
    While We're Young
    Knew it was something special when I saw it. Totally resonated. Bambuach's on a four movie streak that is so 💯 I've seen it 4 times (ha) and it's worked on so many levels each time. Has a lot to say about art, age, and marriage. Adam Driver played a Brooklyn hipster then turned around and played the bad guy in the biggest film franchise ever. Needless to say, he knows what he's doing.
  15. 1.
    The Hateful Eight
    Oh, oh it's mean. It's mean like a fist full of nails. This is a movie, in every sense of the word. Made for the big screen and vice versa. Tarantino's still got the throne. A righteous love letter to blood, bullets, and the snowy old west. Nothing else like it, forever and always. Still not sure what exactly the movie is really about at its core, but excited to find out over several more viewings.