Quitting gets a bad rap and is often valuable, hears why.
  1. Quitting teaches Awareness.
    Nobody quits anything they're awesome at or love doing, at least not entirely willingly. The first thing I remember quitting is baseball as a kid, I hated baseball and hated playing it. I was bad. I was aware I was bad and aware playing baseball wasn't a valuable use of my time.
  2. Awareness teaches Responsibility.
    True awareness of ones actions and the consequences they have means taking responsibility. Responsibility for running a red light, cheating on a test, etc. Something many people don't learn till adulthood or young adulthood, when it impacts their life greatly.
  3. Responsibility teaches Virtue.
    Responsibility teaches the value of decision making and the value of choice. Choice, the ability to determine which path of life to follow, is the highest and most important of all Virtue.
  4. Quitting is a Virtue.
    Quitting is a choice, that often leads to exciting new opportunities and important life lessons. But what if Thomas Edison quit why he was trying to make the light bulb? He quit several times, returning to square one to pursue other methods to reach the same goal. Quitting is a Virtue.