1. The dog from Old Yeller (pre or post being Old Yeller'd)
  2. That bullfrog from the song 'Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog'
  3. Any Saint Bernard to big to ride in the front seat of a mid sized rental car
  4. Parakeets (or just Oneofkeets)
  5. Ducks
  6. The donkey Jesus rode into Jerusalem
  7. Any bird who's ever refused to conform and fly in one of those gay little V formations
  8. The goat on the cover of The Beach Boy's 'Pet Sounds'
  9. Every prairie dog ever
  10. Pigs who befriended spiders before Charlotte's Web made it cool to befriend spiders
  11. Turtle
  12. Turtle (from entourage. Oh you think he's not an animal. I beg to differ. Cause HE A DAWWWWGGGG)