Archer's the ish and every character rules but here's my personal opinion.
  1. 8. Cyril Figgis
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    The basic thesis of archer is everyone is as bad as archer is even though it's not totally on the surface. Cyril is the Seth McFarland of the cast, a bully who thinks he's a victim. Treats Lana as awful as Archer does, but works best as the nerdy guy that can't control his most base instincts.
  2. 7. Ray Gillet
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    He whines a lot, rightfully so, but gets on my nerves.
  3. 6. Mallory Archer
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    Jessica Walters adds so many layers to the bitter mother character, but she's still bitter and the least sympathetic of anyone on the show.
  4. 5. Pam Poovey
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    Feels like the one that's totally shameless and 100% okay with herself, which may not be a good thing because she's a violent drunkard and nympho alcoholic. But of course one of the funniest out there.
  5. 4. Babou
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    AKA; Buyers Remorse.
  6. 3. Lana Kane
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    Probably the best person on the show. The only one who seems to genuinely care about others. This either makes her the funniest or most boring depending on the episode. I'm a big fan. The animators have a good time with her facial/physical features whenever she's the only one thinking level headed-ly.
  7. 2. Cheryl/Carol Tunt
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    Judy Greer lends so much to this some times shoddily written character with the most bizarre back story and sexual obsessions. So self absorbed but also genuinely doesn't seem to know better a lot of the time.
  8. 1. Sterling Archer
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    No doubt. The worst and the best. One of the funniest characters ever. Absolutely full of himself, but also badass and childish and pathetic. Never fails to make me laugh more per episode than any other character on TV.