Limiting each show to just one episode.
  1. Rhinoceros - Fargo, Season 2 Episode 6
    Fargo was the best show of the year and this is the episode that most stuck with me. Nick Offerman blew me away. EMMY'S FOR ALL!
  2. AKA WWJD? - Jessica Jones, Season 1 Episode 8
    I didn't love Jessica Jones but definitely think it's as good as anything else Marvel has done on TV or Movies. The only real reason I ended up finishing the first season was because of one character, Killgrave. A brilliant villain, hauntingly played by David Tennent. This episode, despite some clunky flashbacks, puts him and Jessica right at the forefront. So good.
  3. Nashville - Master of None, Season 1 Episode 6
    When the series went from sweet and endearing to 'HOLY HELL HOW IS THIS SO GOOD?!?!?' Dev and Rachel have such great chemistry and this is the episode it really starts, so simply put together and wonderfully paced, in 30 minutes does more for the rom-com genre than anything in theaters this whole year.
  4. Electro City - Wet Hot American Sunmer: First Day of Camp, Season 1 Episode 6
    I was looking forward to this more than anything else this year. So hilarious and energetic and unique and as you can tell it surpassed my every expectation. This episode was a personal highlight, letting David Wain and Michael Showalter unleash their into theater geek. Legendary.
  5. Person to Person - Mad Men, Season 7 Episode 14
    Mad Men had the best ending to a series I've ever seen. Very carefully considered those words and I stand by it. The final scene is the sort of thing that so reinforces the shows themes and everything that came before it, you can't help but watch in awe.
  6. Let's Find Out - Bojack Horseman, Season 2 Episode 8
    Bojack's second season was such a mish mosh of tones and emotions, so dark but so genuinely delightful. This episode specifically pushes the series' reality to the brink of implosion. Ridiculously goofy, yet backed up by a clever commentary and heartfelt message. Andrew Garfield ftw.
  7. Election Night - Veep, Season 4 Episode 10
    Even for Veep this was a creative direction I never saw coming. The quick pace of Washington, DC is of course what gives the series it's blood thirsty vitriol. Well imagine that cranked up and then condensed to just 1 night. The night in question, election night. JLD and company dazzle.
  8. A Rickle In Time - Rick and Morty, Season 2 Episode 1
    Rick and Morty's second season wasn't quite as phenomenal as it's first, but still the high point of cartoons for adults on television. The second season premier reminds us of everything we so missed, with a mind boggling A-plot that builds on a previous plot from last years season while incorporating escalating split screen, with a B-plot just as gonzo funny and emotionally grounded. What an episode.
  9. Last F*ckable Day - Inside Amy Schumer, Season 3 Episode 1
    No bad sketch! Milk Milk Lemonade may be the funniest thing I saw all year!
  10. Knockoffs - Broad City, Season 2 Episode 3
    Broad City is a show so genius that I often normalize it's genius and forget about it. But I can honestly say that this episode has one of my favorite scenes I've ever seen on TV. Watch it.
  11. The Hand that Feeds - Big Time in Hollywood, Fl, Season 1 Episode 9
    I can once again say one of the best things I've ever seen on television is in this episode. Never to be outdone.