Fictional or Not.
  1. Young Robert Redford
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    On looks alone. Legendary.
  2. Gregory Peck, To Kill a Mockingbird
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    Yeah I'm serious guys. BEING A GOOD PERSON IS COOL! He's a badass and forever and always my literary hero!
  3. Han Solo, Star Wars Trilogy
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    It's so simple, but it's still true. Han Solo is a bad boy and an icon for good reason. He made the something run in something something point something seconds. I'm actually pretty cool myself so I don't know that nerd stuff.
  4. Michael Jackson, Thriller Music Vid Era
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    Undebatable in my mind. Not like the biggest thriller fan, but he's (I hate this word) EPIC.
  5. Rusty Ryan, Oceans 11/12/13
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    The coolest guy ever put on screen. Seriously, nobody doesn't like him. Not just in the world but also in these movies. The guy just is Jesus. Brad Pitt Forver.