Requested by @skyematlock
  1. 8th Circle: Fraud
    This is when the circles just start to get scattered. You have to wear cloaks of lead/immersed in 💩/whipped by demons/cut open by a sword. Unfocused and unpleasant in equal measure.
  2. 7th Circle: Violence
    More 🔥 forced to swim in a boiling River of blood? That's just overkill.
  3. 9th Circle: Treachery
    Goes from a lot of fire imagery to ice imagery which is probably for the better. But also everyone's forced to eat each other, not cool.
  4. 6th Circle: Heresy
    Locked in burning stone coffins??? Thas crazy.
  5. 3rd Cicle: Gluttony
    I have no idea what black snow even is and a trip to the 3rd circle of hell may be he only way I'll ever find out! Rain and Hail? That's really the worst you got?
  6. 5th Circle: Wrath & Sullenness
    Constantly have to fight each other, not too shabby.
  7. 2nd Circle: Lust
    Constantly being blown around by a tornado doesn't seem that bad, it's probably relaxing for a while than excruciating than its relaxing again and the cycle repeats. FOREVER.
  8. 4th Circle: Avarice & Prodigality
    Basically just Sisyphus but worse I guess?
  9. 1st Circle: Limbo
    All the cool people are here, when else you gonna find Ovid, Virgil, and Homer all in the same place?