Shout out to @myrdbgde for the *sort of* request.
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  2. Fly buddies.
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  3. Got this delicious tomato, pepper jack, and pesto sammy when we first landed in London. Best part of the trip no doubt.
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  4. Getting some Z's.
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  5. Some silhouettes.
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  6. More silhouettes.
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  7. Tarrick looking fresh.
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  8. Even I'm not better than a good nature pic.
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  9. Breezy.
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  10. I love taking pictures of people taking pictures.
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  11. Vertical.
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  12. From yonder.
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  13. Shirtless can rides. Legendary.
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  14. Parker saw this car and freaked out. It was adorable.
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  15. Looking artsy.
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  16. Me and my boy.
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  17. The view.
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  18. Some of the view.
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  19. More of the view.
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  20. Very cool.
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  21. Shoes are kind of stupid. So it was very moving that it was shoes that were used to memorialize so many men and women. Unorthodox but memorable and somber.
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  22. All time great.
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