When FX was making a Fargo television show we all lugged. But season 1 gave us heroes and villains we'd never forget. Then came season 2, easily one of the best seasons of television I've ever seen. Here's why.
  1. The cast.
    Not since Season 4 of The Wire, (the actual best season of TV ever) has every role in every episode been so deep, so fleshed out. Every character feels real and raw, no simple black and whites, a world of gray. From the supporting players to the mains, everyone is so in touch with the material and what makes it special. One of the great TV casts.
  2. The Split Screen
    Spilt Screen is solid and holy god does Noah Hawley just put it to work!!!! Brilliant, often chilling.
  3. The Episode Titles
    Not since season 4 of The Wire have episode titles had so much thematic depth and context. Real shit.
  4. Heroes
    True heroism is hard to find on TV. But it's abundant in FARGO. A world where Good and Evil never rest. Notable from Patrick Wilson's quite prose and Nick Offerman's quick switch from drunken wandering to, courageously quivering in the face of the Gerhart family. Brilliant stuff. Plus Ted Danson. FOREVER.
  5. Villains
    'People are too complicated to hate' has quickly become my life philosophy since hearing it on an episode of You Made it Weird. And I'll be damned if Fargo doesn't prove it. These are people clashing against one other. Challenging each other's most basic principles. Mike McGilligan is the charismatic devil with a million mile stare. Jeffery Donovan the hot headed mommas boy. And of course Kristen Dunst the blonde sociopath so sweet she'll melt your heart then rub it over. VILLAINS!!!!!
  6. Editing
    Yeah super well edited, cool? Cool.
  7. The Tensity
    Really brings on some serious No Country for Old Men vibes, but maybe even surpasses it cause I care about these characters MUCH more. Sorry if that's blasphemous, but every shoot out or every almost shoot out floored me.
  8. The God Damn Heroes
    It's fun to have good guys to root for. I'm serious.
  9. Dem Glorious Title Cards
    Never get old.
    Guys Bruce Campbell pissing in a bathroom talking bout one of his movies he can't quite remember is the stuff of legend.
  11. Nick Offerman
    I know but he goes back and forth between funniest I've ever seen him, to genuinely terrified and vulnerable in Episode 6 in a way I've never quite seen. Bold and Brilliant. Heartbreaking and Hilarious. EMMY!!!!
  12. Best Violence of 2015?
    Shoot Sicario beats it. So does Mad Max. But I mean as far as a story taking place in the real world, the violence is tense, detailed, scary, and artfully done. Sooooo many shows (and movies) have violence without consequences. Kingsman had a whole church slaughter with minimal blood. But the violence in Fargo feels tangible and resonates fully for that reason.
  13. The Music
    Best I've seen in any TV show ever. Jap Pop, Blues Folk, Marimba Percussion, plus a brilliant score from Jeff Russo. Always one of the things I most looked forward to when watching the show.
  14. I really want to go through every actor on the show I love, but it's literally everyone. Each actor functions on a very specific wavelength, creating scene after scene of riveting confrontations and conversations. So many amazing performances.
  15. Aliens
    Let's just say there is some intergalactic imagery and themes throughout the season. And it works very well for a lot of reasons.
  16. The Imbalance
    Few shows tackle what Fargo refers to as 'the imbalance'. The Imbalance is basically the whole idea that evil and injustice in the world has created an imbalance and there's nothing we can do to deal with the ultimate darkness and suffering that comes with life. I won't spell out exactly how the show deals with this, but it does simply and elegantly. Nothing is obvious and nothing is really answered, but what could be?