I love flicks and these are my 10 favorite (at least right now)
  1. Magnolia
    PTA is my favorite film maker and Magnolia is his best film. It's big and it's scattered but it's perfect in a very sad, raw way. The last shot is the most important thing ever.
  2. Inglorious Basterds
    Just one of the best stories ever told. Best villain, best death, best action, best music, best editing, BEST EVERYTHING!
  3. The Graduate
  4. Psycho
    Hitchcock may be the best objective film maker ever and Psycho is his masterpiece. Anthony Perkins is 💯
  5. Casablanca
    Roger Ebert called Movies 'empathy machines'. Casablanca is arguably the most agreed upon 'best movie ever' and that holds up! Love, Sacrifice, and anything else you could ask for.
  6. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
    The first movie I remember watching and being confused because it was two different things. I guess a bunch of different things. It's Science Fiction, it's romantic comedy, but it's deep and sad and cosmic and important.
  7. Annie Hall
    Woody Allen's best. Dope love story, but in the story what Allen's actually in love with is stories. Yeah, that's right. All about narratives we tell our selves and being the protagonist of your own life and that sort of stuff. Can't see this one enough.
  8. Heathers
    My favorite movie about high school. (FREAKS AND GEEKS IS BETTER BUT WIKIPEDIA SAYS ITS NOT A MOVIE IM SORRY) it's like just so funny and brilliant. It's totally singular and unique. Every line isn't classic cause that's not how movies work but the instant classic one liner per scene is off da charts.
  9. King of Comedy
    BEST SCORSESE. Don't believe anyone who says otherwise. BEST DENIRO. Don't believe anyone who says otherwise. BEST COMMENTARY ON CELEBRITY CULTURE AND FAME. Don't believe anyone who says otherwise. BEST BLACK COMEDY. Don't believe anyone who says otherwise. BEST OPENING TITLE CARD. Don't believe anyone who says otherwise. BEST AMBIGUOUS ENDING. Don't believe anyone who says otherwise. BEST JERRY LEWIS WAS AN ASSHOLE BUT STILL A GOOD ACTOR EXAMPLE. Don't believe anyone who says otherwise.
  10. The Royal Tenenbaums
    WES ANDERSON'S BEST ANDERSON. Funny and Sad in equal measure, that weird kind of movie that has so many seemingly conflicting emotions but still adds up to a cohesive story. Best movie family. I think this movie best depicts life. (Rushmore is just as good but I saw this last so it got the spot, sorry Max Fisher)