This list got longer than I thought it would, guess that's a good thing!
  1. The Three Random News Reporters all hitting on the one Female News Reporter in 'Wanderlust'
    Wanderlust wasn't even a movie I liked as much as a lot of David Wain's other films, but this may be the hardest I've ever laughed when watching something alone.
  2. Macgruber's flashback in Macgruber.
    Macgruber has so many of the best jokes ever, but giving the villain a completely valid motive by showing Macgruber is an absolute monster may be my favorite.
  3. The Nun reading 'boys life magazine' and then the boy next to her reading 'nuns life magazine' in 'Airplane'
    Airplane is probably the best comedy ever and this is just the first Joke I thought of. Other runners up are the random ladies voice over, the smoking or non smoking ticket, Ted's drinking problem, the overhead announcers bickering, "I can't tell you that, it's classified."
  4. The Amp that goes to 11 in Spinal Tap
    This is just the watermark for all great jokes. Honestly. A stroke of genius.
  5. Rose Byrne as Jackie Q in 'Get Him to the Greek'
    Get him to the Greek isn't that good a flick, but Rose Byrne as Aldous Snow's girlfriend gives one of (if not the) funniest supporting performances ever. FUB FACT: I actually wrote a Jackie Q spinoff movie cause I'm a sad person without a social life.
  6. The cops in 'Superbad'
    Pretty much everything they do. The idea of awful cops being awful is funny even on Paper, but Bill Hader and Seth Rogen make it so sweet and hilarious.
  7. Brad Pitt and John Malkovich's secret car meeting in 'Burn After Reading'
    Brad Pitt is so funny it drives me crazy, doesn't get a chance to be as funny as he is. He's a complete Jackass in Burn After Reading and all his scenes are home runs. This is basically a toss up with his performance as a gypsy in 'Snatch'.
  8. Woody Allen talking about the Kenedy Assassination while in bed with Diane Keaton in 'Annie Hall'
    So good, only guy who could pull it off.
  9. Eminem yelling at Ray Romano in 'Funny People'
    Wouldn't be a complete list without a little Apatow would it? Actors playing themselves are easy, but Marshall Mather's goes the extra mile and cussed out Ray Romano for taking his picture.
  10. Jack Black dealing with Clients in 'High Fidelity'
    It makes me laugh because it's such a specific version of a huge asshole who doesn't care about anyone else's opinion but how own, but is also very broad and relatable. We all know someone hyper manic and annoying as hell like this, plus we're also this person most of the time.
  11. The Extremely Long and Painful Fall in 'Hot Rod'
    This was the first time I understood possibly this huge part of modern alt comedy. Something funny happens, it's repeated, then the repetition of it becomes the joke. Blew my mind. Was like seeing a man on the moon.
  12. That one Heather using the alter water to fix her hair in 'Heathers'
    Heathers is my all time favorite dark comedy and one of my favorite films ever made. Every line could easily fit in that above slot, but this is a brilliantly underplayed bit of physical comedy/subtle characterization. When I first learned that most of comedy is finding the jokes.
  13. Eddie Murphy breaking the Fourth Wall in 'Trading Places'
    First time I ever saw it, thought I was God. I rewound the TV cause I thought I was hallucinating. The two rich guys are showing Eddie Murphy bacon and are like 'you may find this on a Bacon Lettuce and Tomato sandwich and he turns to the camera and gives a 'you serious?' look. Legendary.
  14. After a waiter says 'Muchas Gracias' Chevy Chase replies with 'Tierra Del Fuego' in Fletch
    So simple. So good.
  15. Adam Sandler's phone call with his sister from Hawaii in 'Punch Drunk Love'
    Punch Drink Love is a masterpiece. Everything Adam Sandler as does (in this movie) is some type of funny, true story.
  16. Everyone clapping at the end of 'Observe and Report'
    Best comedy of the last 10 years no doubt. Too many great lines to pick from, but how everyone starts laughing whenever the final crazy thing that happens in he movie happens always floors me.
  17. The entirety of The Other Woman in 'The Other Woman'
    All time so bad it's good. By the end I reached nirvana.