1. The Tim Roth flashbacks, Reservoir Dogs
    Riveting. Seeing him go through the script and stuff is so well done but also a kind of meta commentary on acting. This dude had quite a debut.
  2. Mexican Standoff, True Romance
    True Romance is a Tarantino movie!!! The Dennis Hopper/Christopher Walken showdown is probably one of the top 5 scenes ever filmed. But I wanted to make a point of how this Mexican standoff is superior to the one in Reservoir Dogs!
  3. Diner and a Dance, Pulp Fiction
    The second chapter from Pulp Fiction is arguably the best thing Tarantino's ever done. Then again everything Tarantino's ever done is arguably the best thing Tarantino's ever done. Mia Wallace+Vincent Vega are the best onscreen duo out there.
  4. That one death scene, Jackie Brown
    My second favorite Tarantino movie. Every scene crackles with charisma and feeling. But still has the most surprising death I've ever seen in a movie, you know which one.
  5. The Bride vs. The Crazy 88, Kill Bill Vol. 1
    Tarantino does action better than anyone else. So crazy, so badass, so perfect. Wish this scene was a whole month long.
  6. The Bride and Bill, Kill Bill Vol. 2
    Another stretch of a film that's arguably the best thing Tarantino's ever done! David Carradine's performance is really something. So nuanced it makes me mad.
  7. Final Car Chase, Death Proof
    Death Proof is a great, great film, that with one small change could be the perfect Tarantino does Grindhouse movie! (Ask Devin Faraci about that.) The final chase or whatever you want to call it is tense and crazy and breathtaking and fun and terrifying and dope.
  8. The Bar Scene, Inglorious Basterds
    Every scene in Inglorious Basterds is perfect. I like some scenes a little more than others, but it's my favorite Tarantino movie and my favorite movie hands down. The bar scene is everything great about movies, but there tons of other equally perfect scenes; the opening, the cat people montage, the whole theater climax, Brad Pitt's pep talk to his troops. Whole flick is one great scene heh?
  9. Calvin Candy's dinner party, Django Unchained
    Django isn't my fave, but Dicaprio plays a villain for once and it doesn't disappoint. Him examine a human skull, almost killing Kerry Washington, actually cutting his own hand open, and then calmly talking his way out of the whole thing is 💯