1. John Hancock
    Eh. Kind of egotistical it seems to me. But I dunno, don't like dislike the guy he's just ya know, not my fave.
  2. Thomas Jefferson
    The deceleration of independence is the 💣 but owning slaves isn't. Also needed to chill with the states rights.
  3. Samuel Adams
    One of the main guys behind the Boston tea party. Don't know much about him.
  4. John Adams
    The sedition act is a bummer. But this guys a G. His wife was a total badass, he was anti slavery (not like abolitionist anti slavery but like ya know not a fan of slavery). He's just complex as all hell! Defending the British after the Boston massacre? What a doozy.
  5. Alexander Hamilton
    I wanted to put him in second place so bad cause he's definitely more interesting than Washington, but just not as influential. But he definitely came the farthest of any founding father. Caribbean Immigrant FTW!
  6. George Washington
    He's George Washington. One of histories biggest losers. What a guy.
  7. Benjamin Franklin
    He's like the James Franco of founding fathers. This guy did it all! Big fan of his.