Interesting topic, curious for what you all have to share!
  1. Vampire Weekend - Anxiety
    Always mellows me out, but still has a lot more merit than usual 'feel good pop'.
  2. Eminem - Split Personality Disorder
    I love Shady! I mean, Marshall. I mean Eminem, I love Eminem. Or did I mean...
  3. Simon and Garfunkle - Depression
    They are a very down to earth, grass roots type duo. Always have something smart to say, it's not like they give easy solutions to life's problems because easy solutions don't exist, but they seem to totally address them in interesting ways.
  4. Kanye West - Anger
    Nobody gets blood pumping like Kanye. I'm no therapist, but you treat anger by just letting it all out right?
  5. Rockabye Baby - Insomnia
    These lullaby covers of all time greatest hits always put me right to bed (except when they don't)
  6. Earl Sweatshirt- Depression
    Everything in his music is numbing and ambient. Even his voice is monotone when he's rapping. With songs like "Grief" and "DNA" on an album called "I Don't Like Shit, I Don't Go Outside" you can see just from the names, this guy is feeling pain.
    Suggested by @Markmccrummen