Trump fascinates me. Because fascinating people often fascinate me. In an effort to work past my first (or 2nd, or 3rd, or 4th, or 5th)impression, I thought I'd try to figure out what exactly Pixar's Inside Out would look like with Trump at the center of it. Kind of goes off the rails at the end, but roll with it.
  1. Joy.
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    Trump's Joy loves to win. That's really all that matters. Winning, winning, winning. It's not just winning, it's also making sure the losers know they're losers. Cause that's what winners do right?
  2. Sadness
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    I don't know what makes Donald Trump sad which is both a huge issue/not surprising. Does anything make Donald Trump sad? Very esoteric, but I think he makes himself sad. Because he himself isn't really anyone. He's acting, right? He's morphed several of his previous views to that of the GOP party. He has to be sad he can't be himself right?
  3. Anger
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    I think most and foremost Trump hates not being in charge. Watch The Apprentice, that whole show is him being in charge and he relishes it. Whenever he's not in control, of the polls or of the media that he disagrees with, he's not having it.
  4. Disgust
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    Once again who even knows what disgusts this guy? He's playing a part. But my guess would be weakness. Not just physical weakness, but the weakness he sees in the basic principal of empathy. Help Syrian refugees? No, they're weak. Help immigrants? No, they're weak (and rapists!) Support Muslims? No, they're so weak they have to go to un-monitored mosques to practice their religion. I think Trump would read The Good Samaritan parable and see it as a cautionary tale.
  5. Fear
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    LONG STORY TIME: in 2011 I was a freshman just starting to discover humor and its power, late one night when I should have been studying, I was switching through channels and landed on Comedy Central, which was re-airing the roast of Donald Trump which had been taped just a few months ago. I watched and laugh, I always knew what a roast was, but hadn't seen one like this. Everyone mocked Donald Trump mercilessly, back then he was just a hairpiece with a big wallet.
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    But as Trump began his campaign for president and further revealed himself to (seemingly) be a hateful, clueless, spiteful bigot, I looked back on the roast, curious. In my research I found an interview with comedian Anthony Jeselnik, who explained that everyone at a roast has the option to make certain topics off limit. Trumps chosen no-go topic? His wealth. Jeselnik himself said this was confusing because Trump "is super rich, and it doesn't seem like he could be hurt."
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    All this goes to say, it's in my unprofessional opinion, that Trump, like most people, is afraid of who he really might be. He's called himself an underdog, who got a few million dollars from his dad and worked his way up. Maybe he doesn't know better??? Who knows if he really thinks he's the kid standing up to the bully and not the other way around. I certainly don't. And the sad part is, I don't know if Trump does either.