1. Break the law at least once.
  2. Black Cats.
  3. Not seeing AC/DC.
  4. See Colton Veneer again.
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  5. Royce buys Carter hooters.
  6. Ride the Dart a full rotation.
  7. Finish a Troft at Pecan Lodge.
  8. Hit the Dallas Zoo post Referb.
  9. Hit up Winstar.
  10. Build with Matt day.
  11. Get the new flu vaccine.
  12. See 'Rogue One' with the Bro's.
  13. Go to the Waterpark.
  14. Backpacking with the Bro's.
  15. Watch Ratatouille.
  16. Go to drive in Movie.
  17. Rodeo Goat.
  18. Drive all of Belt Line.
  19. Smoke at Up in Smoke.
  20. Buy someone's dinner at a Restaurant.
  21. Man Breakfast.
  22. Make Steaks using only the elements.
  23. Watch al of breaking bad in one weekend.
  24. Beat Matt Hamilton at Chess.
  25. Win the Lottery.
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  26. Grilled Grilled Cheese.
  27. All Grow Mustaches.
  28. Mixology Certificate.
  29. Buy something and sell it on Craigslist for a profit.
  30. Go a week without spending money.
  31. Get CPR Certified.
  32. Don't go to Kristen's grad party.
  33. Buckees Road Trip.
  34. Vote.
  35. Change Oil in one of our cars.
  36. One of everything on the Taco Bell menu.
  37. Try every soda on one of those personalized Coke drinks.
  38. All 5 of us Babysit Levi+Anna Belle. With Billie.
  39. Spend the night in a sketchy ass Motel.
  40. Buy a Gun.
  41. Loose Royce in Nebraska Furniture Mart.
  42. Go to Karaoke.
  43. Order four different pizza places at the same time.
  44. Go to The Dump (The Dump) and find the shift knob from an old Chevy.
  45. Catch a 12 inch fish.
  46. Go to where JFK was Shot.
  47. All buy outfits at the Thrift Store.
  48. Ride along with a cop.
  49. Shoot under 80 in golf.
  50. Broomball.
  51. Quit our job.
  52. Get a tattoo.
  53. Shave our Head.
    This one's all Parker.
  54. Get a piercing.
  55. See the opera.
  56. Chop onions and not cry.
  57. Zumba class.
  58. Indoor Rock Climbing.
  59. Outdoor Rock Climbing.
  60. Scuba Diving in Lake Grapevine.
  61. 4 movies in one Theater.
  62. Buy a Dry Turtle.
  63. Chop down a tree and turn it into fire.
  64. Make our own Paper.
  65. Memorize Romans 8.
  66. Eat a whole Pineapple.
  67. Eat a Raw Egg.
  68. A case of Dr Pepper in 24 hours.
  69. 1000 piece puzzle in 24 hours.
  70. Learn how to drive Stick.
  71. Go to the Salt Lick.
  72. Go to the Clubs.
  73. All go to the dog park.
  74. Release a Mix Tape.
  75. Bake cookies without a recipe.
  76. Hit the Spa.
  77. Hit up Colton at Pine Cove.
  78. Walk on Fire.
  79. 24 hours in one room.
  80. Read the terms and conditions.
  81. Take 30 trucker hats from Matt.
  82. Spend the night in the church.
  83. Get on the roof of the church.
  84. All Denim Day.
  85. Crash an event we weren't invited to.
  86. Take down a wasp nest.
  87. Gas station food for a weekend.
  88. Make street art.
  89. Have a Snowball Fight
  90. Go to streets with our Names.
  91. Make money on the stock market.
  92. Go to the Rodeo
  93. Escape Room.