More unpopular opinions for you to disregard!
  1. Book stores are overrated.
    I wanna love bookstores, I do. And half price will always have a place in my heart. But I'm impatient and cheap. Both of those make Amazon a better option for book/movie/vinyl shopping.
  2. Kung Fury is Eh
    Trying so hard to be weird. SOOO HARD. It's by no means bad, but just Eh. Feels like weird stoner comedy for people who would find real weird stoner comedy boring. Just go watch Danger 5. It's so much smarter.
  3. Midnight in Paris is an all timer
    All Timer (Noun) - a film that should be preserved for all time. Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris isn't a film that people hated but it's universally forgotten. Unfairly in my opinion. I absolutely love it. It's no Annie Hall, but it's up there.
  4. The Hunger Games Sucks
    Haven't truly enjoyed one of these flicks all the way through. All of them are so flawed. Poor J-Law.