More of my most uproarious opinions.
  1. Future isn't that good
    Clearly the people love him, he's really blown up. But I don't like his style of rapping, it sounds almost comical at points.
  2. Boyhood isn't a good movie
    I won't go as far to call it an actively bad movie, mainly because Ethan Hawke can do no wrong. But holy hell is thing a mess that everyone loves. The main character sucks, the story is repetitive and goes nowhere, it's bafflingly pretentious at points, and just an all around bad representation of what adolescence and Boyhood really is like.
  3. Johnny Depp is 👎🏻
    Obviously now he's totally gone off the rails, but I've never liked him that much. Don't think he understands people and he hides behind make up/wigs.
  4. Krispy Kreme isn't good
    Over glazed. Donuts in general aren't that great but the flavor should be internal, not external. Come on KK.
  5. Oceans 12 is an All Timer
    One of my all time faves. There are those who agree with me! We are the few and the proud! But seriously this is Steven Soderbergh's best movie, that's how good it is. Every scene is something unique and creative. Literally, EVERY SINGLE SCENE employees a different style or rhythm that's absolutely singular. Plus the cast's interplay is best in this one. It's the funniest and the most emotional cause Rusty got some heartbreak on his mind. Totally divisive and brilliant. Forget the haters.