I'm writing a Scooby Doo movie just for kicks and this is who the ideal cast would be, in my mind.
  1. Fred Jones - Dave Franco
    Neighbors really proved he's got what it takes. He's sort of that fratty/alpha male bro type, but also has a sweet vulnerable side. He'd make a good Fred. Probably loves putting plans together.
  2. Daphne Blake - Emma Stone
    Daphne is a very feminine character, that sometimes went full on ditsy/girls be shopping route in the original TV series. Emma Stone could give her some serious sas and style.
  3. Norville 'Shaggy' Rogers - Donald Glover
    Easy. He can play stoner, but also manic and goofy like he did in the Martian. Also wouldn't be too much of s teeth for him to be best friends with a dog.
  4. Velma Dinkley - Zoisa Mamet
    This is one I'm not super confident on. I think she could play the really inquisitive side of Velma well, but she naturally exudes a kind of neurotic vibe that doesn't really jive. But she's definitely got the physicality to pull off the role.
  5. Scooby Doo - Neil Fanning/Andy Serkis/Bill Hader
    Neil Fanning did the voice for the original live action films and he did a fine job. Maybe Andy Serkis could work a bit of his man in green suit with ping pong balls all over him action. And as for Hader he's just great at voices and has really good timing. Could probably pull it off!