30 Rock is my favorite TV comedy and this is a list of the best jokes!
  1. When Kenneth wants to apply to be a janitor and the janitor says "Throw out your resume on the 4th floor and we'll get back to you.'
  2. "You know what else is from the 80's? Women being quite." - Dr Leo Spaceman
  3. "Heavy is the hand that eats the crayons." - Tracy Jordan
  4. Kelsey Grammar's Abraham Lincoln Play
  5. Liz singing "Working on my Night Cheese"
  6. "Oh yeah the guy with the black kid is racist." - Dennis Duffy
  7. Dennis saying a lez movie is on HBO and the joke being that's a sleazy thing to say but later we find out the movie is The Kids Are Alright
  8. "I went to school in Boston, well near Boston. No, not Tuffs..." - Toofer
  9. Any time Sue did anything
  10. Matt Damon's pilot character hating Sully Sullensburger, "you know what a good pilot would have done, not hit the birds."
  11. "I don't care! I'll start my own group! Rejection from society is what created the X-Men." - Liz Lemon
  12. "Are we (USA) not even making our own meth anymore? What is happening to honest American manufacturing?" - Avery Jessup
  13. "If there is a god, then SHE *cue Liz's eye roll*" - Wesley Snipes
  14. "This whole city has gone Cuckoo for Coco Puffs." - Elisa
  15. "In a world with too much freedom, one boy dared to be different in: HITLER; the boy who dreamed of stars." - Kenneth