These are really great ideas I came up with on my own that my friend Carter thinks are dumb.
  1. Salted rims for non Margarita drinks (Hot Coco, Coffee, A nice cider)
  2. Eggnog flavored Ramen
  3. Colored Salt
  4. Hay rides without the hay, cause hay makes me all itchy. Carter doesn't get itchy tho
  5. Day Moon
  6. Red Mustard to mess with people for April Fools day
  7. Pixar should make live action films duh
  8. Throwing blank canvases into oil spills to make oil paintings
  9. Liquid Vitamins
  10. A vaporizer that's also a switch blade. VAPE KNIFE.
  11. A place where people can get their pets piercings. (Tell me you wouldn't pet a doggie with some gauges)
  12. Sudoku for the common man
  13. A Jackson Pollack coloring book
  14. Pants with speakers built into the pockets; BOOM PANTS (copyright pending)
  15. Canned Water (nobody wanted bottled water, but just take one look at the bottled water section of the grocery store and you'll know how that story ended)
  16. A Golden Gate Bridge in every city
  17. Submarine Taxi's
  18. Getting the List App and involving him in it
  19. Breatheright strips for Ears