Endorsed by @Cherring
  1. Mister
    This magic mop of a mutt is a pathetic waste of space. No offense.
  2. Piper
    Loved her the two days she was a puppy. Now she's like a fluffy tumble weed. 6/10.
  3. Lily
    Overrated let's be real
  4. Sandy
    I mean, eh.
  5. Kate
    Kate's Kate. Whatchu gonna do.
  6. Annie
    The OG.
  7. Teddie
    I wish someone who wasn't Royce owned Teddie so I could feel okay putting him this high on the list.
  8. Macy
    At least until she gives me a reason to knock her down a peg.
  9. Winnie
    The Brad Pitt of dogs.
  10. Buddie