If I taught an acting class (which I'm hardly qualified to do, as you'll see), these would be the lessons each day.
  1. DAY 1, WEEK 1. Watch the scene from Fresh Prince of Bel Air where Will's dad leaves and re-enact it.
    But the twist would be each person would play each character with the other characters energy. Someone would play Will as Will, then Will as Uncle Phil, then Will as Will's dad. Basic example of how characters acting differently changes the context of a scene.
  2. DAY 2, WEEK 1. Watch a Christopher Guest mockumentary and discuss.
    Probably best in show.
  3. DAY 3, WEEK 1. Have everyone deliver Mitch Hedbergh jokes in different ways.
  4. DAY 4, WEEK 1. Everyone pairs off and works on there own version of 'Baby It's cold outside'.
  5. DAY 5, WEEK 1. Everyone performs there version of Baby it's cold outside', gets feedback.
  6. DAY 1, WEEK 2. Watch Mrs Doubtfire.
    Watch Mrs Doubtfire. Split the class up into two groups, one of which recreates scenes using props, the other of which doesn't use props.
  7. DAY 2, WEEK 2. Preform Mrs Doubtfire scenes, receive feedback.
    Have a panel of actors come in and lecture if they want but also answers students questions.
  9. DAY 4, WEEK 2. Watch The General and talk about Buster Keaton.
  10. DAY 5, WEEK 2.
    Everyone comes to class silent (as they were instructed to do the previous day). Don't know exactly what we'd do but it'd be all silent.
  11. DAY 1, WEEK 3. Shakespeare.
    Actors are given the first half of class to look over a Shakespeare scene, then must preform it.
  12. DAY 2, WEEK 3.
    Actors watch tape of their scenes, given feedback.
  13. DAY 3, WEEK 3. Special guest Q&A. This time with a talented screenwriter.
  14. DAY 4, WEEK 3. Actors prepare to redo their Shakespeare scenes.
  15. DAY 5, WEEK 3. Actors redo their Shakespeare scenes.
  16. DAY 1, WEEK 4. Improv day.
  17. DAY 2, WEEK 4. Watch Rope, discuss.
  18. DAY 3, WEEK 4. Special Guest Q&A, this time with a Director and an Editor.
  19. DAY 4, WEEK 4. Recap what we learn, assign additional materials to individual students.
  20. DAY 5, WEEK 4. Last day party. Everyone comes to class in character and guesses who each other is. The last person not guessed wins.