1. The Birth of Late Night Landon, 2nd night of Beach Camp
  2. First Night of Sky Ranch; the infinite roasting of Michael Elliot
  3. Aziz Ansari's stand up at Oddball Comedy Tour
  4. Late Night Landon Rides Again
    He rode one of those scooter things at the Walmart.
  5. Englishman in New York
    Played this song so many times Parker actually died.
  6. Embarrassing @ryliemakeslists in front of a Romanian Youth Pastor
    She was so mad and I was so proud.
  7. Royce + Roxy
  8. Obviously Mark posting a nude picture on the Internet and not being able to take it down.
  9. Constantly feeling out about college when Carter, Camille, Avory, and I visited College.
  10. The time Catherine took a puff of these two cigars.
  11. The time Carter and Me watched Kate eat oysters. And took photos the whole time.
  12. The time Royce showed a lack of judgement and sent this in the senior group me.
  13. Anytime I threw up from coughing.
    Gotta laugh at yourself right???