1. Never finding anyone else like me
  2. The idea of no one believing me when I'm telling the truth
  3. Starvation
  4. Losing all my material possessions
  5. Having an itch for a long, extended period. Like 3-5 years
  6. Being judged
  7. True independence
  8. Apathy
  9. Injustice
  10. Having an object go all the way through any part of my body, having a hole in my foot keeps me up at night ngl
  11. The truth that half the time I'm probably the bad guy
  12. Being incredibly thirsty for the rest of my life, but never experiencing any affects of dehydration. Just eternally being parched
  13. Tickling
  14. Never finding the courage to be myself
  15. Drowning in something more dense than water
  16. My own mortality or the lack thereof