1. It doesn't matter if I don't get to sleep soon
  2. It does matter if I don't get to sleep soon
  3. I wonder what it's like to be a satellite. I really wish I was a satellite sometimes.
  4. Hope I can buy a telescope one day
  5. Thinking if I really want to do drugs (at some point in my life) or that's just me wanting to be cool
  6. Wondering how much of the stuff I like is actually because I like it versus liking stuff just cause I want people to think I'm cool or funny or sophisticated
  7. A joke about Paraphrasing/Parasailing
  8. Why does anyone have kids?
  9. Am I gonna grow up and think having kids is actually something I want to do cause if so I'm done
  10. Peyote
  11. Who invented the hallway and like what and how
  12. I wish there was a treadmill for my emotions or my brain so they could just wear themselves out and stop
  13. Why do I sigh when I'm sad like a Disney channel character would?
  14. How many people have I hurt without even knowing it?
  15. I should make a list about these things
  16. Will people judge me that I try to sleep at 10:20