1. Hits a lot of the same beats as Superbad. Not quite as well, but still a fun flick about growing up and friendship.
  2. JoGo plays the real Man Child here, usually he's the put together one. He pulls it off.
  3. It's really interesting how celebrities playing themselves has basically become a staple of all Seth Rogen's output.
  4. Michael Shannon has really good timing, should do more comedy. Between this and They Came Together he's basically the new Will Ferrel.
  5. Jonathan Levine juggles a lot of tones. Lots of slapstick, lots of riffing, lots of physical comedy, lots of real friendship stuff. Never felt like the film struggled shifting gears.
  6. Wish the funny funny ladies on screen got more to do. MINDY KALING FOR LIFE.
  7. Overall a fun flick that doesn't rank amongst the best of Rogen's output.