1. Bought a Wu Tang Christmas sweater
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  2. Read 'Kanye West: Reanimator.'
    Quick 75 pages. Really fun stuff.
  3. Went to the Dallas Museum of Biblical Art
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    Started Saturday morning off right. Very cool stuff.
  4. Ate at Fast and Furious Asian Grill. Home run.
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  5. Built a blanket fort so I can go to college.
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    Found a scholarship for 1K where all you gotta do is build a blanket fort, crushed it. Next stop Harvard.
  6. Watched Spotlight.
    This based on a true story journalism thriller about the Boston globe uncovering the Catholic Churches molestation scandal wasn't all that funny. Probably one of the best of the year, should be mandatory viewing.
  7. Smoked this cigar I got last week in Nashville at The Frothy Monkey
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    Very enjoyable.
  8. Ate Avocado Eggs.
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    First time ever making them. Surprisingly easy even though first batch was a bust.
  9. Finally set my fantasy lineup.
    Welcome to the starting lineup STEVIE JOHNSON! Don't let me down.
  10. Got a little writing done.
    Translation: figured out what time of day it is in the next scene.
  11. Listened to this super interesting Podcast about Drinking Fountains
    99% invisible.
  12. Went To church
    This ones pretty self explanatory.
  13. Watched Almost Famous with the squad.
    In Fort Blankerton.
  14. Stayed up super late cause it's thanksgiving break.
    Was out by 11:07 cause I'm packing to leave for Oregon tomorrow. Still counts as staying up late.