The title said to wait until after I graduate but that's like 5 months! Who knows if @BrentMcKinney or I will still be alive then! (Plus I actually understood the topic unlike Parker so even if you don't like this list it's not the worst Brent McKinney list out there)
  1. He's got long hair but not just cause he don't care.
    Ask him why, I'm serious ask him, he'll tell you and you'll feel bad for judging him the same way we all did.
  2. He's got great stories.
    I mean GREAT stories. And he tells them thoughtfully and personally. Truly one of the best storytellers in a church full of GREAT story tellers. Ask him about the time he took the ACT.
  3. You can't figure out which of his tattoos is the best.
    I'm partial to Dr Seuss, but each of them has a deep, though provoking back story.
  4. It's tough to know what exactly he does.
    A missions pastor? Huh? Ask him how he fills his days, it'll make you smarter.
  5. He's very adaptive.
    The best people I've ever met all have one thing in common, they're great adapters. For a long time I thought Brent was 'the metal guy' because he went to a metal concert with my friend Tyler. Then I thought he was the movie guy because he sees a bunch of movies cause he's got a special card. But he's actually the music guy, he loves all types of music. Oh actually he's a sports guy he played a bunch in college. Oh no he's a spiritual guru. Oh wait he's all of these and more whoa.
  6. If you're nice to him he'll take you to a movie.
    He's got some black market AMC credit card that lets him see unlimited flicks or something like that. Just make sure you something with a hint of reality cause his mind can't handle anything imaginative like the glorious cinematic carnage that is MAD MAX: FURY ROAD which he doesn't (yet) adore, which is to date the only major flaw I've found in Brent's life. Which is a shame cause it's such a major flaw.
  7. He's not the funniest guy around, but when he goes for it, he goes for it.
    He made me laugh maybe 3 or 4 times on our Romania trip. And by 'laugh' I mean like really, REALLY struggle to hold myself together laughter, not just induce a chuckle. Those 3 or 4 times are 3 or 4 of my top 5 funniest moments of that trip. He goes for quality, not quantity.
  8. He'll probably really like you.
    In a way like nobody else I've met in church ministry, he is a love of all types of people. He seems to actually seek out and engage people that are different from him. It may be he's just bored and wants someone he can secretly make fun (I'm pretty sure he's doing this with me), but he really likes us youngsters.
  9. Ask him about Bidets.
    Very simple, just ask him about Bidets.