She requested this one, even though I already had a version of it saved in my drafts.
  1. Crazy self deprecating
    You're smart and artistic so shut up about saying you're not either of those things
  2. Probably gonna be the reverse Demi Moore
    She knows why
  3. Her gastric issues and the way she uses them as a means of entertaining herself
    I am a victim.
  4. We get it you like coffee
    Wow you're so like hip and unique that you like coffee so much. Pretty European of you!
  5. We get it you like working at IBC
    Whoa, IBC the church?
  6. Thinks Frances Ha 'isn't that great'
    Just like amazing and she doesn't even know better.
  7. Just barely above the too attractive to be funny line
    Hate to admit it but she's prettier than me and probably almost 'just as' funny. Unfair.
  8. She's probably gonna go through a photography phase at some point. Ugh.
  9. We get it you're the coolest in school
    She actually is the coolest in school but that's cause her school is really un-cool. And she's just like medium cool.
  10. Won't get bangs like Jess from New Girl even though she always asks if she should
  11. Hates women
    Seriously, if they're colored, real deal breaker.
  12. So self deprecating she requested a list of her flaws 😂😂😂
    You know you're the best so shut up