Chosen at random before the 2015 Camera Roll purge (always a battle for memory space).
  1. Clark on a fall day. Simply, beautiful.
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  2. Drinking my way through Burlington, Vt. At some point I decided to get a little artsy with my documentation. Regardless, Citizen Cider was hands down one of the best!
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  3. Ahh freshmen orientation. This is a screen-shotted snapchat from a close friend who captured my co-founder and myself moment of terror when we were presenting our idea, WooConnect, to the entire incoming class of 2019. The app had just launched to all of Clark and the freshman class was our test group, all 751 of them!
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  4. Thug life?
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  5. I like to shop local, what else can I say. BIG supporter of local food and underground initiatives in Worcester, otherwise known as the Woo.
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