1. Laughing until it hurt
    My sister is planning her wedding reception, and I am her official Wedding Minion. She called today to talk about her frustration with choosing a venue. "I want something outdoors and nice. A nice back yard. I'm going to end up having it at a working horse farm. It's all the links. I keep clicking them. It's like going to YouTube for instructions for a paper hat and suddenly you're looking at DIY nuclear weaponry and it seems completely reasonable."
  2. Adulting
    I remembered to check the oil in my car. I have no idea why that's so difficult for me, but I always forget. And then I went to my sister's house so she could help me figure out where to put new oil (it really wasn't obvious - the cap for the oil thingy is weird-looking) and then I put several gallons of oil in. Go me!
  3. My work schedule adjustment
    I was supposed to work a mid tomorrow, and I was all happy about it. I've been off for family stuff for five days, and this gives me the opportunity to sleep in a little, work with both morning and evening staff, and be home at a decent time. My coworker texted to ask if I could open and work until 5:00, which is an 11 hour shift. She's helped me out, so of course I said I'd be happy to. But then! She texted back and said not to worry about it, that I should work my original shift. Joy!