1. Here we go!
  2. Just keep breathing, that's the key!
  3. There's a garbage can *right* there! *That* is where your cup/gel packet goes!
  4. ... I am *still* running! Why am I doing this? ... Niece, there we go, that's a good reason.
  5. These guys have silly outfits, but they are *way* more fit than I am.
  6. "You're doing great!" ... liar ...
  7. OH! ... Well! ... *That's* a new sensation! ... How do I get that to never happen again?
  8. Jeez, that guy with the walker is still going ... just when you think you have problems ...
  9. ::looks at feet:: NOPE! Let's play the Anything Else game, where we think about anything else!
  10. At impending muscle pull/cramp: Nope! We are not doing this today hamstring/back!
  11. Well! This is kinda nice! It's pretty out hereOHGODBREATHE ... Well! This is kinda nice!
  12. That is the smallest rock I have ever tripped over.
  13. Dude, girl, there is no *way* you're trying to qualify for Boston if you're still running now. The garbage can was right there. I'm picking up your ****ing cup, and then I'm going to pass you.
  14. Home stretch! Let's do this! AAAHHHRGH!!!!!!!!!
  15. Booyahkahsha!