These are things the man by the name of Tyler Pate has read in a magazine or has picked up from a book, and has "sworn by" or has said " you HAVE to try this" about.
  1. Dressing like Steve Jobs to save "Decision Points" throughout his day. (number one on the list)
  2. Taking cold showers every morning.
  3. Eating a pound of bacon because he read it was good for him.
  4. Wearing a bracelet and switching it, from each arm, every time he complains about something.
  5. Getting rid of all non-purposeful possessions. (I.e. Art from a friend, food in the fridge that is his friends, and same friend's Squatty Potty)
  6. the Squatty Potty.
  7. Eating coconut oil by the spoonful and rubbing it on his face.
  8. Kettle bells.
  9. Paleo Diet.
  10. Transcendental Meditation.
  11. Abstaining from sexual actions including masturbation to have a better respect for women.
  12. NPR and Podcasts.
  13. Tequila, lime, and club soda.
  14. Reading about not wasting time.